Program for young people and apprentices for personal, social and communication skills in all sectors

Establish and retain junior staff and executives

Do you know that too? It takes many hands to inspire the customer. But only an experience of indifference, poor quality or poor service to destroy everything that was previously achieved.
A satisfied customer comes back when it suits or is cheap – an enthusiastic customer also makes a detour.

„Light Your Fire“ is a cross-industry program especially for apprentices / trainers for almost all job profiles. It helps to sustainably develop a higher personal, social and communicative competence, to strengthen self-responsibility and to promote thinking in an entrepreneurial context

The special combination of on-site training impulses and practical personality development between the units involved in the daily work routine ensures that what has been learned is also put into practice.Touches develop with Light Your Fire – social competence, personality competence, communication skills

Result: Improved communication, increased self-responsibility, a healthy self-confidence and increased resistance to stress as well as the ability to apply practical strategies for solving problems and improving self-management.
Inspirational – Entertaining – Enthusiastic – Practical
Program over approx. 120 days
The program is modular and concomitantly designed „on-the-job“ and can be completed in the block or also, for example. be divided into low season periods (for example 3 presence blocks in spring and 2 in autumn)
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