Jack Canfield is known to most people in the German-speaking world through his book series „Chicken Soup for the Soul“ (Goldmann Verlag) and through his participation in the current mega hit „The Secret“. It is less well known that he has worked for over 30 years as a psychotherapist, educational adviser, trainer and leading expert in self-esteem, motivation and excellence. He has helped many thousands of people realize their dreams through his captivating, compassionate and rousing workouts.

He is the publisher of the popular book series „Chicken Soul for the Soul“, which now includes more than 150 books, which has reached a circulation of far more than 100 million copies.

Santa Barbara, California-based Jack Canfield, „America’s Success Coach,“ as he is affectionately known, has been studying what makes successful people different from others since his university days. He has found common ground that distinguishes and drives these people.

He summarized these unique formulas in the book „The Success Principles“ („Compass for the Soul“).

He is the founder and president of the Canfield Training Group in Santa Barbara, California. Around the world, entrepreneurs, educators, large corporate executives, and private individuals are trained to help them achieve their personal and professional goals faster.

He is also the founder of the Foundation for Self-Esteem, which provides training and resources for more self-esteem to social workers and welfare recipients.

Jack Canfield also holds a Guinness Book World Record: for most of the author’s books, which were also listed on the New York Times bestseller list (7 pieces).

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