You are organising a great event, a meeting, an annual conference or a congress.
But which speaker to book?

Enrich the day with a speech that your participants will talk about for a long time to come!
Martin Laschkolnig is a professional speaker and expert in the areas of personal development, change and leadership. He inspires your audience with inspirational yet practical input and concrete, strategies that you and your participants can apply right away. Martin presents in an engaging manner, supported by rhetorical brilliance, enthusiasm and his Austrian charm.

Martin Laschkolnig is the speaker for you to move, inspire for implementation, trigger enthusiasm, make your audience think and/or to create connectedness and team spirit. Depending on the purpose of the event, Martin will adapt the speech to empower and create the emotion that is serving your conference’s purpose. Whether as an opening keynote to get in the mood for the day or as a closing speech to motivate to put the day’s information into application – starting the next day. It may even be the same topic, but they are still two different speeches.

After an event with Martin Laschkolnig, your participants will be happy to come back next time.

Taking enough time for a detailed brief before and timely arrival with sufficient buffers for technical check, etc. are just as natural as availability after the presentation for the participants. On this day Martin Laschkolnig is there for YOU and your participants.

Choose a professional who will make your work easier and enrich your event!

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What participants say about Martin Laschkolnig:

“Martin Laschkolnig’s lecture ‘Moving mountains together’ was the perfect conclusion to our management conference. It was very important that our leadership team from 12 countries left the meeting with energy and drive, and Mr. Laschkolnig achieved this very well. He has adapted his entertaining and gripping presentation not only to generally useful content but also to our challenges. The bilingual design of the slides was very helpful for our international company. Great lecture, professional collaboration in every aspect! I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone!”

Gerald Steger, CEO cafe+co, Austria

“Sometimes you meet people with interesting information. Sometimes you meet people who have accumulated a lot of knowledge. Martin Laschkolnig has both, combined with the radiance of deep universal wisdom. “His presentation at the Convention of the Professional Speakers Association Holland was clear, entertaining and captivating. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Martin to you!”

Hans Ruinemans, Founder and First President of the Professional Speakers Association Holland